About Bountiful Veteran’s Park

The Bountiful Veterans Park is a private initiative that recognizes and honor all Bountiful, West Bountiful, Woods Cross, North Salt Lake and Centerville veterans. The design and construction of the Park is funded by private donations. The City of Bountiful is providing the land for the park as well as maintenance of the park.

It is important to understand that this park is not a memorial park since it honors all veterans including those who are living, those who have passed on, those who are currently serving and those who will serve in the future.

The Bountiful Veterans Park is one of the most beautiful, special, unique parks in the country. It is built on land immediately to the North of the Bountiful City Hall and honors veterans who have served their country from the war of 1812 on.

The names of eligible veterans are engraved on the granite veteran walls at absolutely no cost. Many bronze statues and granite monuments have very specific meaning and significance to our park only.

Our hope in creating the Bountiful Veterans Park is that it will help our young men and women develop love and respect for those who serve their nation and that it inspires them to serve our country.

Bountiful Veterans Park Foundation Board

Chris S. Simonsen


Ronald Mortensen

Vice Chair
Community Relations

Eric Hattabaugh

Vice Chair
Veterans Relations

Doug White


Julie Hattabaugh


Bradley Trent

Park Preservation and Maintenance

Kathleen Bailey

Community Outreach

Chris Stewart

Honorary Board Member

Jennifer Kerns Davis

Board Secretary

Kelly Applegate

Treasurer and Attorney

Mike Eggett

Park Construction

David Axenty

Paver Donor Specialist